Historical Tales

'Jack the Ripper' in Bodmin Jail?

04 May 2024

The paranoia and fear this name created caused accusations and suspicions across the country as a whole, Cornwall not being left out. The County saw a few men arrested and…

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The History & Origins of Krampus

05 December 2022

It was the night before the feast of St Nicholas and children are leaving their shoes outside in hopes that upon waking, they will find sweets and presents. But some…

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The History of Halloween

30 October 2022

Before the church and the candy companies, the plastic skeletons and food shaped like body parts there was the Celtic holiday of Samhain and the celebration of the Dark. So,…

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Star Crossed Lovers - The murder of Charlotte Dymond

12 February 2021

It has all the ingredients of a classic tragedy; a brutal murder in a desolate location, a pretty young victim and a spurned lover who was hanged despite claims of…

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Beast of Bodmin

05 February 2020

Does the Beast of Bodmin exist?

The so-called Beast of Bodmin Moor has sparked stories and legends for three decades about a phantom black cat the size of a puma…

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The Jackdaws of Bodmin Jail

31 July 2019

There are many stories and tales regarding Jackdaws and their mysteries. The Jackdaws of Bodmin Jail have their own story and history.

According to legend the first Jackdaws arrived at…

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