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Bodmin Jail wins international Tripadvisor award

22 August 2023

Bodmin Jail has been recognised by Tripadvisor as a 2023 Travellers’ Choice award winner for attractions.

The coveted award celebrates businesses that have consistently received great reviews over the last…

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New beginnings for Paranormal at Bodmin Jail

01 August 2023

I am overwhelmed with enthusiasm and excitement in taking on this wonderful department. My academic study into Hauntology has created a foundation for the new approach our team is taking.…

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Beast of Bodmin colouring sheet download

20 July 2023

Calling all artists...

Get ready to embark on a captivating journey into the realm of mythical beasts. As we gear up to celebrate the mesmerising Beast of Bodmin Carnival on…

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100 Years, 100 Stories: Our brand new immersive exhibition

01 February 2023

Selina Wadge was 28 years old on Thursday 15th August 1887 when she left the condemned cell at Bodmin Jail and made the short walk to the hanging spot, the…

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05 December 2022

It was the night before the feast of St Nicholas and children are leaving their shoes outside in hopes that upon waking, they will find sweets and presents. But some…

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The History of Halloween

30 October 2022

Before the church and the candy companies, the plastic skeletons and food shaped like body parts there was the Celtic holiday of Samhain and the celebration of the Dark. So,…

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Walking with Witches

05 September 2022


Witches were burnt at the stake

False: While it is the case that those convicted of witchcraft were burnt at the stake in Scotland and Europe, in England the…

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Experience Culture From The Edge

17 May 2021

Reboot Cornwall

The initiative invites you back to experience Cornish culture and history in a whole new way, through a range of tech-driven experiences, from mind-bending augmented reality to immersive…

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Star Crossed Lovers - The murder of Charlotte Dymond

12 February 2021

It has all the ingredients of a classic tragedy; a brutal murder in a desolate location, a pretty young victim and a spurned lover who was hanged despite claims of…

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Artist Opens Shop at Bodmin Jail - Win One of Three Exclusive Signed Prints

07 December 2020

Internationally renowned Artist Becky Bettesworth officially opened the shop at Bodmin Jail today. Rather than cutting a ribbon the artist broke the chains to allow visitors to explore the new…

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Ghost Hunting in Cornwall

04 December 2020

Impressions of life gone by through touch and smell and possession. Welcome to a world where icy fingers hold your hands and eerie voices descend through the corridors. People who…

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10 August 2020

 One of Cornwall’s most historic sites, Bodmin Jail, is set to open on 1st October, featuring a brand-new Dark Walk experience – and tickets to the world-class attraction can…

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Becky Bettesworth

01 April 2020

Commissioned artist for Bodmin Jail

The internationally renowned Devon artist, Becky Bettesworth, has been commissioned to create a very special, exclusive artwork for Bodmin Jail, which will only be available…

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Beast of Bodmin

05 February 2020

Does the Beast of Bodmin exist?

The so-called Beast of Bodmin Moor has sparked stories and legends for three decades about a phantom black cat the size of a puma…

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Meet the CEO - Martin Lyall

05 February 2020

Cornwall’s former county jail which originally opened in 1779, is currently in the middle of the largest private leisure development in the South West since the Eden Project; a £40…

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