The Journey

The £8.5million immersive visitor attraction sees the introduction of the ‘Dark Walk’ experience and a completely new level of interest interwoven throughout these impressive buildings. 

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The main courtyard offers access to all our facilities.

Tickets & Information

This is where you start your Bodmin Jail experience.

  • Sir John Call's Library

The Dark Walk

Step into history and let Bodmin Jail’s most famous warder take you on a journey back in time.

  • Introduction to Cornwall
  • Miners and Smugglers
  • The Moors and Coastline
  • The Village and Highway
  • The County Court

The Naval Wing

Walk through the echoing corridors of the original Naval Wing where you can peek into grimy cells, learn about harsh punishments and get a feel for what life was life for prisoners in 19th century Cornwall.

Toilets are also located in this area.

  • The Original Naval Wing

The Administration Block

Discover the hidden stories and myths of Cornwall, Bodmin and the historic jail building and truths about the daily life of the people it has housed over the centuries.

  • The Governor's Office
  • The Quartermaster's Store
  • Paranormal
  • The Condemned Cell

The Last Moments

Follow in the footsteps of the condemned through their last moments and come face to face with the executioner and the original, fully working Victorian Hanging Pit.

  • The Final Walk
  • The Execution
  • The Original Hanging Pit

The Gift Shop

We are very proud of our well stocked Gift Shop, crammed with locally sourced products, popular Bodmin Jail branded souvenirs and exclusive Bodmin Jail designs by local artists.

The Jolly Hangman Restaurant

The perfect spot to grab a bite to eat or enjoy a drink during your day out. From family favourites such as burgers and pizzas; to paninis, steak, and sticky toffee pudding, we’ve got something for everyone.
  • The Jolly Hangman Restaurant

Picnic Area

A fantastic secluded outdoor space for picnic lunches and visiting groups to reconvene.

Ready to visit?

Book now to explore Bodmin Jail in person and immerse yourself in Cornwall's Dark history; an impressive audio and visual journey through time. An experience you will never forget.