When booking tickets for Halloween events, please make sure you set the date on the booking calendar to October. Any problems, please give us a call on 01208 76292.

Halloween at Bodmin Jail

As the veil between the world of the living and dead grows thinner, Bodmin jail is embracing all things Halloween.

Cinema Fright Night
  • Every Thursday
  • Doors open at 8.30pm - Film starts at 9.00pm
  • Dependent on Film Certificate
  • £15.00

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Our award winning Heritage Guided Tours go darker for Halloween! Stepping into their darkest stories and history, we'll bring you up close to the Georgians and Victorians at their most grim.

We'll also be running extended ghost hunting events, a kids special Cinema Fright Night, Séances, Guest speakers and finishing off the with our Halloween night special, a Victorian Spiritualist evening.

Unlock a Hauntingly Unforgettable Halloween Experience at Bodmin Jail.