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Pooches in Prison

Sadly, due to the nature of the attraction, we have to ask that you don't bring your pup into the museum. The loud noises and sudden movements might be too much for their sensitive ears.

However dogs are allowed on site, which means they can join you in the courtyard, The Courtyard Bistro, hotel, and gift shop. 

Here at Bodmin Jail your four-legged friends are just as welcome as you are! We know that your pooch is a part of your family, and we wouldn't dream of leaving them out of the fun.

From the moment you arrive, your furry friend will be greeted with open paws.

We love our furry friends here at Bodmin Jail, but we also want to make sure that every guest has a safe and enjoyable visit. That's why we kindly ask that you assign someone as a designated dog watcher to take care of your pup while the rest of your group explore the museum. This way, your furry friend can relax and enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

As a thank you for being such responsible pet parents, we'd like to offer you a free drinks token to use in The Courtyard Bistro. It's the paw-fect way to reward yourself and your pup for a day well-spent.


Assistance dogs are allowed throughout the entire attraction.