Meet Our Guides

We proudly present the heart and soul of our historic establishment – our award-winning heritage guides.

These passionate storytellers are more than just guides; they are custodians of history, weaving tales that bring the past to life within the haunting walls of Bodmin Jail.

Bex - Heritage & Education Manager

Favourite Tour - Twilight Tour

Never have I felt so much passion for a role. From leading tours for wonderful members of the public, educating excited school children about our dark past or training my team on new and interesting products, this is the best career I could ever ask for! It also helps being a nerdy goth kid, so getting to discuss dark history for a job is all I could ever ask for!

“Our tour guide was Bex and she was brilliantly informed, patient, amazing with the children (especially when they asked strange questions) and passionate. She was respectful and also entertaining for the adults. Couldn’t have asked for a better tour guide.”

Gemma - Heritage Guide

Favourite Tour - You're Pulling My Leg

No day is ever the same working as a Heritage Guide and I love it. Bodmin Jail is steeped in rich history and I really enjoy delving into the lives of our inmates and the circumstances that led to their crimes. It's a highly rewarding job and there is nothing better than making a visitors experience a memorable one!

"Have been on a few guided tours but this one was different. Gemma brought to life the stories of the inmates which was authentic and credible. It was entertaining as well as very informative. I loved the pace, the engagement, the passion for the history that came across."

Caroline - Heritage Guide

Favourite Tour - Naughty or Nice

I enjoy the school trips, my highlight is when children are introduced to history for the first time and find it fascinating. The Jail allows for this with a very interesting subject matter. I have worked in many unique historical places which allows me to pull on many different threads of knowledge to enhance my visitors experience.

“Our tour guide, Caroline, was very knowledgeable and made the tour, full of information about Bodmin Jail, but was also able to talk about the wider prison system at the time. She was very clear with her information and left us thoroughly pleased with our experience.”

Carl - Heritage Guide

Favourite Tour - Broken Hearts

I first stepped through the gates of Bodmin Jail seven years ago, and was captivated by the building and the incredible stories of the prisoners who walked these corridors. It is truly the most incredible feeling to be bringing these stories to life as part of the incredible heritage team, I love getting people engaged and eager to learn more about the jails past.

“Carl was our guide and he just radiated. His energy, passion and unbelievable knowledge was so impressive. He engaged the crowd, provided extra anecdotes which showed he really took an interest in his job and enjoyed passing on his knowledge. Carl was fab, a real born performer and story teller!”