Heritage Guided Tour

  • Tours on every day
  • Running at: 9.30am, 1pm and 3.00pm
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Parental discretion
  • Step count - approx 1000
  • Adult £25pp | Child £15pp

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Tour Overview

Join one of our award-winning Heritage Guides and experience a personal, in-depth historical tour through Bodmin Jail. Designed by Sir John Call and built in 1779, Bodmin Jail was originally built for King George III and is an excellent example of the ingenuity and engineering prowess of Victorian architects.

From the crimes to the courthouse and gallows to the grave, Bodmin Jail provides a unique opportunity to get up close to the Georgians and the Victorians.  Our Guides will take you from the eighteenth century ‘Bloody Code’ to the last execution in Cornwall in 1909.  On the way you will experience what life was like for our prisoners behind bars, visit the infamous Victorian execution pit, now restored to full working condition, and gain an insight into the kinds of crimes being committed that may have earned you the noose.

Arsenic poisoners to arsonists, murderers to mutinous hanging crowds, Bodmin Jail’s Guided Heritage Tour is one of our most popular tours, steeped in history and suitable for the whole family.

*Please note, our Heritage Tours are only available in English.

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