Lights Out!

  • Every Sat
  • 6:00PM (every 10 mins) - Last Slot 8:30PM
  • £20 Per Guest - Age 12+ only (must be accompanied by 18+)
  • Running Time - 36 Mins

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Every Friday & Saturday. 
‘Lights Out!’ is the South West's newest Scare Attraction.                                                                                                                                                         
During recent renovation work, we have noticed strange things happening around the museum. Quite often the unsettling activity coincides with the unexplainable sighting of a little girl, seen in different spaces in the jail.
Guests will be whisked away on a visit like no other. Because tonight, the attraction truly comes to chaotic life with terrifying consequences.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Are you brave enough to face your fears? Because it's time for 'Lights Out!’.
WARNING - the attraction features - Live Actors, Haze, Strobe, Darkness, Loud Noises, Tight Spaces, Strong/Threatening Language, and Disturbing Images/Scenes. This event is not for the faint of heart. 
For those who are pregnant, and/or have pre existing heart conditions, please note that you enter Light's Out! at your own risk. We recommend seeking advice from your GP or a health professional prior to your visit. 
💀This event is for ages 12+ only *(Must be accompanied by an 18+).
💀Dogs are not permitted due to the intense/noisy/claustrophobic nature of the event.
💀Wheelchair accessible - please note that your route may differ from the standard event - for your safety.
💀Any anti-social, or disruptive, behaviour (eg. Under the influence of Alcohol or substances, aggression, vandalism) will not be tolerated - we can refuse entry or remove you from the event.
💀Tickets are non - refundable