Beast of Bodmin colouring sheet download

16 April 2024

Calling all artists...

Get ready to embark on a captivating journey into the realm of mythical beasts. As we gear up to celebrate the mesmerising Beast of Bodmin Carnival on…

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Twilight Tours – Entertaining Executions

10 April 2024

You may be aware that here at Bodmin Jail we hanged 55 prisoners by a mixture of short drop & long drop hanging executions. If you’ve visited us previously, then…

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Lights Out! Bodmin Jail Unveils the Ultimate Half-Term Thrill

08 February 2024

Bodmin Jail invites thrill-seekers and the bravest among us to experience the spine-chilling allure of "Lights Out!" – the Southwest's latest scare attraction. Set against the backdrop of the jail's…

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Superdry's "Summer Or Nothing"

10 July 2019

We have been added to Super Dry’s “Summer Or Nothing” page for things to do in the South West of England! We are honoured to be recognised by such a…

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