An Extra-ordinary Job in an Extra-ordinary Place

Kirsten Honey, Paranormal Manager, Bodmin Jail

Published on 02 June 2021

One of the leading experts in paranormal activity in the UK, Kirsten has worked at Bodmin Jail since 2015, using her extensive knowledge of medical, forensic, biological and psychological science to analyse and engage with the energetic paranormal activity that is ever present in the UK’s most haunted destination.

From a very young age, witchcraft and an understanding of paranormal activity was apparent and now as an adult, Kirsten has fully enhanced her spiritual awareness and is professionally trained across paranormal realms from forensic para-psychology, transfiguration, demonology, clairvoyance, witchcraft and forensic interpretation.

She has refined her gift to be able to identify and evaluate spiritual activity which many may miss, or are simply unable to perceive, and despite having worked in many different settings, she remains adamant that nowhere else in the world delivers the same level of holistic paranormal experience as her exclusive After Dark Experiences at Bodmin Jail.

Working with elementals, spirits, poltergeist energy, entities and higher spiritual realms, she uses her sensory perceptions including clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairolfaction, clairaudience, spiritual analysis and many more to connect with spiritual energy and deliver an experience which visitors will never forget.