A paranormal tour at Bodmin Jail, Cornwall UK

Ghost Hunting in Cornwall

Ghost Hunting in Cornwall creates intrigue and is very popular topic of conversation. Here at Bodmin Jail the paranormal investigations are intense and varied exploring the minds of people past and present, looking at the fearful life they endured to the dark cold lifestyle in a gloomy cell deep within the walls of Bodmin Jail. 
Published on 04 December 2020

Impressions of life gone by through touch and smell and possession. Welcome to a world where icy fingers hold your hands and eerie voices descend through the corridors. People who visit, preparing to explore the darkness and experience the phenomenon can never prepare for the sensations of what's to come. The fascinating history, the lost souls, the torturous and gruelling punishment routines all come to life in the darkened hours where we are able to sense the most. History repeats itself reliving the daily routines of Victorian life behind bars.

When introducing the paranormal world of Bodmin Jail we use many techniques to help people understand their experiences during their stay. Knowing how to connect and interpret information is so important to us, we start at the lowest level of understanding and build towards the higher levels. Using energy as the main tool of connecting to many levels spiritually is the most useful. Old methods like these are the foundations of all souls living and the past is the way forward here. Connecting to our own energy and that of others and connecting to the building's energy itself helps us to fully understand their stories,and listen to their words. Within the jail we are allowed to experience this in a gentle respectful way giving us the information that may be missing as well as connecting to our lost relatives and receiving the messages once lost in translation and time.

The looming figures allow us to visually see them as they wander the cold corridors, the sounds and smells of the old era trailing behind them. The spinning of the Ouija board planchette as the spirits connect and the glass as it moves freely around the table pulls you along with it telling us information. 
The darkness as it surrounds the environment takes another shape and form, giving visitors a deeper exploration of how that individual lived and breathed, their deepest emotions as they embark for a few minutes enticing you into their world physically. Possession in its fullest state although rare seems very possible during your stay.
Welcome to the paranormal at Bodmin Jail.