After Dark at Bodmin Jail Media Event

Published on 04 October 2016

We have been running After Dark events here at the jail for many years now.

No matter how sceptical the people are who arrive at these events, more often than not they leave as either believers, or with at least a tiny niggle of doubt.

Bodmin Jail recently invited members of the UK press along with their photographers and bloggers, to an After Dark evening. We thought we would see what they made of the experience.

We knew before hand that there were a few definite sceptics in the group, so who better to give an honest opinion of our nights?

The three course meal that is included in the experience, went down very well with our media group. So much so, that the evening was running a little behind before it properly started. Not that we like to brag or anything, but our food is delicious and hard to resist.

The night was as ever run by our resident expert Mark Rablin with the assistance of Kirsten Honey. They took the group through the usual workshops including the Bubble Bounce technique and more. To get them open and receptive to what they may be able to see and feel during the night.

A workshop may sound a bit like a boring educational task, but in fact the workshops are quite short and mostly fun. Mark always does a great job of making everyone relaxed and helping them to enjoy the experience. After all, as he has said before it isn’t about scaring people.

The night was a resounding success, with everyone enjoying themselves and the glass table proving to be very active. The glass table involves some of those present placing a finger very gently on an upturned wine glass on a small table. On the evening Kirsten asked lots of questions to determine who of the many spirits reportedly in the jail were present.

The glass flew around the table, much to the amazement of the group. Sceptics or not, not one of them could explain it or apportion blame to anyone purposefully moving the glass. The speed at which it moved, and the lightest of touches from their fingers, made the theory of someone moving it on purpose null and void.

You can see the video of the Glass Table experience on The Mirror website, as part of Jo-Anne Rowney’s write up about the evening. It is mentioned in The Sun, where Antonella definitely left more of a believer, and by the sounds of it a little bit scared. You can also read on A Cornish Mum their version of how the evening went and the glass table.

The moving glass wasn’t the only hard to explain thing that happened that night for the media. There were reports of people feeling almost as if they were pushed. Strange lights seen in the dark, shadows that seemed to almost expand and retract and more.

No definite sightings that perhaps couldn’t be explained away with science, but the After Dark nights have to be experienced to really see why so many believe in other causes so strongly.

The Mirror have another video on their site, showing strange green lights in the cell where one of the workshops took place. A reflection from someone’s camera light or phone, an error on camera or something else? Pop to The Mirror and see what you think. Just before this was filmed, one member of the group had to leave in a hurry, possibly due to sensing something themselves.

Believer, sceptic or anywhere in between, being at the Jail at night time is one of those Bucket List experiences and at time a little unnerving.

If you would like your own After Dark experience, then pop to our After Dark page and get booking! You can make your own mind up in person, go on we dare you.

Photo credit: Bernie Pettersen