Experience Culture From The Edge

As we reopen to the public, we are proud to be part of Reboot Cornwall, a new initiative from Cornwall Museums Partnership designed to celebrate the bold, creative and forward-thinking nature of the region’s 70+ museums.

Published on 17 May 2021

Reboot Cornwall

The initiative invites you back to experience Cornish culture and history in a whole new way, through a range of tech-driven experiences, from mind-bending augmented reality to immersive cinematic experiences.

Experience Culture From The Edge

Cornish museums weave a rich tapestry across our county, bringing tales from our past to life in vibrant and exciting ways. There are more than 70 museums in Cornwall of great variety and individuality, and our team at Cornwall Museums Partnership want to show you how some of our museums are using cutting edge technology to tell their stories.

Cornwall is a pioneering centre of culture with people at its heart. Our region is leading the way, showing that a spirit of collectiveness and community-conscience are at the heart of the future of culture and heritage. Our museums are overturning traditional visitor experience and creating new ways for you to engage with the stories at the beating heart of the community.

For more fun and innovative ways to explore Cornwall like never before, visit the Reboot Cornwall website.