Meet Jess Marlton – our talented Artist in Residence

Jess recently graduated from Falmouth University with a First in Authoritative Illustration; her work during this time focused on monsters and it was here that she developed the theme of whimsical macabre.

Through the medium of paper cutting Jess uses the figure of the monster to investigate what we consider to be monstrous, and ultimately to invite the viewer to question who the monster is.

As a traditional form of folk art, paper cutting allows the artist to create images that are depersonalised and leaves the image of the monster open to the viewer.  Cut from single sheets of paper, the narrative flow runs from top to bottom with the images being symbolic rather than representational, reflecting the monster’s nature as an emblem of human fear.

The stories are contained within the body of the figures; this use of paper cutting allows the images to be seen in their original form and also in the shadow form behind them, reflecting the narrative growth of stories as they are repeatedly retold until they become interminably changed.

Jess’ work at Bodmin Jail focuses on the prison’s infamous inmates as well as Cornish folklore.  The paper cuts produced are designed to carry tales of the prison and to address new ways of story telling.



December 2017 Jess completes her piece depicting the tragic story of Selina Wadge

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