Paranormal Conference

Saturday 10th November

Join our Paranormal team and Resident Medium for an exploration of the supernatural, and visit the depths of Bodmin Jail for an enlightening After Dark experience.

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Guest Speaker Brian Sterling-Vete : former Stuntman, BBC TV news veteran, TV Broadcaster, Guinness World Record Holder, Author, and Internationally recognised Martial Arts Instructor. He has also worked on the first season of Star Trek – TNG, and co-stars in the new horror movie “Geist” due for release later this year.

Brian has had a life-long interest in all aspects of the paranormal, while at the same time, mostly thanks to his BBC TV News background, he remains as neutral, balanced, scientific and objective as possible.  He has participated in over 1000 investigations throughout the United States and in the United Kingdom, and is a regular guest speaker on the Dark Matter Digital Radio show “More Questions Than Answers” with Adrian Lee.

Tickets cost £90 per person

Arrival 8pm – 5am finish.

Includes a 3 course dinner 



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