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Haunted at Bodmin Jail

  • Every Saturday
  • 9.30PM - 1.30AM
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Age: 18+
  • £65.00

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You are invited to discover the spirits of Bodmin Jail in our newest paranormal event.

After a tour into the dark heritage of the jail you will be guided through traditional spiritualist methods used to encounter the spectres of this historic building. During the evening you will be encouraged to visit often unseen parts of the site and spend time alone in the dark - connecting to the echoes of the past that so frequently demand our attention in the present.

This experience uses methods such as – Ouija, Pendulum, Transfiguration, Language, Sense, and your own quiet observation and intuition – so that we may respectfully seek those who occupy the dark chambers of Bodmin Jail.

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