After Dark Experience

  • Every Friday and Saturday
  • Starts: 9pm
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • 18yrs+
  • £55pp

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Event Overview

“Expect the unexpected. Expect nothing. Expect anything and everything. I guarantee you will leave with something interesting to think about!”

Kirsten, Bodmin Jail Paranormal Manager

The Bodmin Jail After Dark Experience is an all-night paranormal journey that will give you both spiritual and scientific understanding of the field of paranormal phenomena. Suitable for novices and experts, and those seeking ghost hunting tours in Cornwall, this is a physically interactive and enlightening experience delivered by our onsite Paranormal Manager, Kirsten.

The evening starts with a two-hour history tour with the lights on, delving into the many varied stories and experiences contained in the walls of the prison. Once the tour is finished, the lights go off and Kirsten will share a variety of techniques to deliver an understanding of energy connection, visual connection and transfiguration and trances. Kirsten will also go through the techniques of the Glass and Table, the Ouija Board and Scrying as mediums of interaction between us and the spirits.

This experience will run through the night until the last half hour, when you can use all the knowledge and techniques given throughout the night whilst experiencing the jail alone in the darkness.

Refreshments are served throughout the night in a series of breaks.

PLEASE NOTE: Guide/assistant dogs only.

Upon arrival - please wait by the 'Paranormal Tour' flag located within the courtyard 


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Every last Saturday of the month
26.02.22 -
Hi my Name is Rachel & I am part of a Paranormal Group which we started & named Apparitions 12 years ago, the other members are Karen & Samantha & we actually met on a Paranormal course we attended & we’ve been inseparable ever since.
We Mainly work in peoples homes tracking down potential Hauntings  using both our Intuition & some equipment we’ve acquired along the way this helps us to collect Data & Evidence, I am really excited to joining you all in an investigation & to spend the evening with like minded people, I’m sure that were going on  learn lots from each other. 


Corrine Gretton-West is a photographer with over 10 years in the photographic industry. She is qualified with a first-class honours degree in Photography from the University of Northampton has a master's degree in documentary photography and photojournalism from the University of the Arts London. She is currently doing her PhD, researching how places can create extraordinary human experiences and exploring them in a photographic way. She works closely with the parapsychology department at the University of Northampton.

Corrine has worked on shows such as 'Most Terrifying Places' on the Travel Channel  and 'In Search Of The Paranormal' for Ickonic Alternative Media, and has photographed various paranormal teams around the UK.
As well as trading as a professional photographer, Corrine has also been a paranormal researcher for several years, investigating locations around the UK and overseas. With her knowledge as a professional photographer and paranormalresearcher, she brings her two worlds together and has become known as The Paranormal Photographer. She helps others analyze photographs of acclaimed apparitions and does extensive research to attempt to recreate and validate spirit captures.

Meet Kirsten

Kirsten, Bodmin Jail’s Paranormal Manager, is an incredibly spiritual person with a deep understanding along the paranormal spectrum. Born and raised in Cornwall, she joined Bodmin Jail in 2016, bringing with her an extensive knowledge of medical, forensic, biological and psychological science that enhances her deep spiritual awareness. She is able to determine and discover information that many may miss or are unable to interpret, which makes her the perfect guide for Bodmin Jail’s paranormal events.

Kirsten helps visitors to Bodmin Jail understand the direct connections we can form and make at many different realms naturally around us, connecting them at earthly levels to high spiritual energies. Working with elementals, spirits, poltergeist entities and higher
spiritual realms, she uses her sensory perceptions including clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairolfaction, clairaudience, spiritual analysis and many more to deliver results beyond most people’s expectations. Kirsten can see, hear, feel and communicate at many levels, and she likes to share her theories, ideas and gifts with those choosing to spend time in her company.

“I have a love for the world around me,” Kirsten says. “Witchcraft and an understanding of the paranormal elements that surround us became a natural progression throughout my life, even from a young age. My perception, the ability to acknowledge, understand and work in a natural environment and connect beyond my years became very apparent early on. I chose to work within the walls of Bodmin Jail. Listening, perceiving, accepting and understanding the many elements locked within the walls allows me to share my extensive knowledge, offering a bespoke enhancement of psychic ability, spiritual awareness and communication skills with a hermetic viewpoint of our spiritual world. I work alongside energies, and they work with me!”

After Journey

Please visit our After Dark Experience Facebook Page for more information. This is a great place to join the paranormal community, reviewing your experiences and sharing imagery or footage to discuss with others. It is also a great place to ask questions and leave feedback.

"I really need to tell you all what an incredible experience I had at Bodmin Jail for the After Dark event.  I cannot recommend it enough for those that are sceptics or are just interested and fascinated by the paranormal world like myself.  Kirsten our host was just incredible.  She was so interesting and a very gifted lady.  I saw and heard things I am finding hard to explain to my friends and family.  I definitely will be booking again in the next couple of months.  Thank you!" (F. White - September 2019)

"Thought we would do something a bit different for my birthday and I wasn't disappointed!  After an amazing 3 course meal we met Kirsten who is so lovely and put us at ease.  Her knowledge of the jail is incredible and she answered all my questions (and worries) I had.  We experienced some things which were unexplainable and even my boyfriend who is a sceptic was feeling nervous!  Overall a really good experience and something you have to do if you're into the paranormal or even just to learn the history of the jail."  (S.Jade April 2018)

"This is a brilliant place to visit and the After Dark experience is excellent, Kirsten is a great host.  When I last went, Kirsten took us outside to the execution area where I looked up at one of the Bodmin Jail windows and saw a lady looking down at us.  I wasn't the only one who saw it, someone else saw the figure too, I so wished I had my camera to take a picture.  Can't wait to go back and hopefully I will see it again and if I see her again I will certainly take a picture.  Thank you Kirsten for a great night down in Bodmin, can't wait to return." (H.Stevens April 2018)

After dark experience event FAQ's

All paranormal events are in darkness at some point with the exception of our Historical Jail Tour and Paranormal Tours which are held from 18:30-20:30pm.



Our events are not sleepovers and we do not provide areas to sleep. Our events are fast moving and interactive! Find out more.


We encourage you to stay together during the tours and experiences. However, during breaks you are welcome to explore individually or in groups.


We try to keep the initial group together, however if there is a large number of people we will separate into two groups to allow a full experience.


Warmer clothes are advisable. We recommend you check the weather forecast in Bodmin prior to arriving. More clothes are better than not enough and we encourage layers. 

Good sturdy footwear is recommended. Please no stilettos or open toed shoes or sandals.

You will be on your feet a lot.


You may bring your own smaller pieces of equipment to use on your breaks if desired. A torch with spare fully charged batteries. A mobile phone charger.

Cameras and voice recorders are allowed during your breaks or when you are exploring.

You may bring your own snacks or packed lunch. We have access to hot water.

No alcohol is permitted during the event and we have a strict no drug taking policy also. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who appear intoxicated.


These are not experiences for the light hearted. It can be scary, enlightening, unpredictable and emotional. Many interactions can and will happen.


This is impossible to answer as the whole jail is paranormally active. It is unpredictable and all areas of the jail are subject to activity. Why not check out or Paranormal Tours?


We will give you a great insight into the paranormal world at Bodmin Jail in a factual and entertaining way. Genuine paranormal activity happens on a regular basis – nothing is made up for entertainment.


No! We work hard to ensure attachments or deep connections with spirits or entities do not happen. You will only take home what you brought with you!


You will always be safe. A lot of time and effort goes into preparing and understanding the current activity prior to your visit.