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Broken Hearts Tour

  • Tours on every day from 11th - 26th February 2023
  • Starts: 2pm
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Parental discretion
  • Step count - approx 1000
  • Adult £25pp | Child £15pp

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We’ll break your hearts, not your necks with the ‘Broken Hearts’ tour this February.

Bodmin Jail invites you to celebrate an alternative Valentine’s month with the ‘Broken Hearts’ tour. The award-winning Heritage Guides will entice you with a Danse Macabre through historical tales of the love-lorn and crimes of the heart.

This dark romantic romp will whisk you into the Victorian and Georgian world of marital poisonings, betrayed lovers, murderous couples and heart-rendering hangings. We’d like to say that they all lived happily-ever-after, but the course of true love never ran that smoothly.  Join us this February for the ‘Broken Hearts’ tour and step into the dark side of love.


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