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The UK’s Most Haunted Venue!

Explore the jail after dark as part of one of the most haunted attractions in the UK. You will be in the company of our Resident Medium, who has over 10 years experience at the Jail. Our experienced Psychic Medium and Energy Therapist will tutor you in the basics of Reiki and energy management before putting you to work for the night behind bars in this formidable County Jail.

booknowbuttonThe event begins at 8.45pm with a set 3 course meal and time for our newest inmates to get to know each other, before delving into the history, and footprints of the past. Specific workshops run throughout the night, before we return you to the living world at 5am. Take the plunge and try one of our ghost hunting nights in Cornwall in our historical prison. We dare you!


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Our haunted attraction in Cornwall provides the perfect opportunity and place to catch a glimpse of a former resident still roaming the halls of Bodmin Jail.

The prison has over 230 years of history, and over 50 people have been executed within its walls. Kept in squalid conditions with little food and sunlight, and often subjected to hard labour, the jail is saturated with decades of negative energy. Its violent history makes it a prime location for ghost walks in Cornwall.

The package includes:

  • 3 course meal
  • Signed certificate
  • Voucher for discount on return visits
  • Unlimited tea and coffee on the night

“We are writing to let you know how much we have enjoyed the supernatural evenings at Bodmin Jail. We enjoyed our first nighttime visit in March so much that we returned to the Jail in the daytime three times during the following fortnight, despite living more than 130 miles away in Somerset. Our second supernatural evening in May was even better than the first.”

Gina and Ray

What the papers say:

“FRISKY Poldark fans may enjoy dreaming about the bare chest of hunky Aidan Turner. But the real Cornish hauntings are far likelier to give you a bad night’s sleep.”
… read more

Andy Jones and James Moore – Daily Star

“I HAVE been inside the prison cell for less than a minute when a big, burly figure bolts for the door, shouting: “I’ve got to get out! I’ve got to get out!””
… read more

Antonella Lazzeri – The Sun

“Grown men have fainted, woman vomited and people run screaming from its depths – Bodmin Jail has fascinated and terrified its visitors in equal measure for years.”
… read more

Jo-Anne Rowney – The Mirror

“So you would think inviting hardened hacks from The Sun, Mirror and Star to a night of ghost-hunting at what is claimed to be the most haunted venue in Britain would be a recipe for disaster.

That it wasn’t is testament to the fascinating history of Bodmin Jail and its spooky After Hours events. So spooky, in fact, that one tabloid photographer had to flee a darkened cell and I have to admit to a couple of strange incidents myself.”

Lee Trewhela – Cornwall Live

“It’s 3am and I’m standing in the pitch black, gripping the hand of a woman I met just hours earlier. A man in his 30s has joined us, so we’re told, and is peering at us both intently. I peer back, trying to make out his supposedly haggard features in the darkness. Nothing. He’s not pleased that we’re here, apparently – and at that moment, I’m not sure I am either. I hold my breath, wait for something terrible to happen – but then he’s gone. Time to try again.”
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Leah Harper – The Guardian

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Food Allergens: We ask that customers advise us at the time of booking of any dietary requirements, or known allergies. All dishes may contain items not mentioned in our menu descriptions: some products may contain bones, nuts etc.

Facilities: Tea and coffee facilities are available throughout the night and a function room and toilets will be on hand. You are welcome to bring snacks and/or refreshments yourselves; no alcoholic drinks are permitted during the course of the event.

Please bring warm clothing as temperatures get very cold in the lower areas of the prison and do not forget a torch and/or a camera for pictures.

Cost: The cost of this event is £80.00 per person.

Please Note: Consumption of Alcohol: Whilst we have no objection to a glass of wine, or a beer being consumed with an evening meal, our rules are simple – if you have consumed too much alcohol to drive a car legally, you have consumed too much to attend one of our After Dark Experiences. You are not permitted to bring alcohol to an event.

We reserve the right to refuse you admission to our After Dark Experience, or ask you to leave at any time during the event. There will be NO refund for any monies paid, and the Resident Medium’s decision is FINAL.

Pregnancy: To ensure the health and well being of all our guests, we ask that anyone booking our After Dark Experience who is, or thinks they are pregnant, consults their GP and obtains a letter confirming they are well enough to participate in one of our events. Without a letter, we reserve the right to refuse admission without refund of any monies paid. We are happy to reserve you a place whilst you wait for your GP’s letter. The Resident Medium’s decision is FINAL.

General Health: We ask that at the time of booking, you advise us of any existing medical conditions. We need to know about anything from a physical disability, or heart condition, to diabetes. Better tell us too much than too little. We reserve the right to refuse admission without refund of any monies paid. The Resident Medium’s decision is FINAL. Any information given to us will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Legal: Considering the Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951 and European Consumer Protection Legislation – These events are deemed to be, and offered as ‘Entertainment Only Events’.

Travelling by taxi? Due to this event finishing in the early hours, we would recommend booking transport in advance if needed for your return journey.

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