New beginnings for Paranormal at Bodmin Jail

30 May 2024

Joseph S Carter - The Paranormal Manager of Bodmin Jail

I am overwhelmed with enthusiasm and excitement in taking on this wonderful department. My academic study into Hauntology has…

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'Jack the Ripper' in Bodmin Jail?

04 May 2024

The paranoia and fear this name created caused accusations and suspicions across the country as a whole, Cornwall not being left out. The County saw a few men arrested and…

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Beast of Bodmin colouring sheet download

16 April 2024

Calling all artists...

Get ready to embark on a captivating journey into the realm of mythical beasts. As we gear up to celebrate the mesmerising Beast of Bodmin Carnival on…

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Twilight Tours – Entertaining Executions

10 April 2024

You may be aware that here at Bodmin Jail we hanged 55 prisoners by a mixture of short drop & long drop hanging executions. If you’ve visited us previously, then…

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Bodmin Jail wins international Tripadvisor award

26 March 2024

Bodmin Jail has been recognised by Tripadvisor as a 2023 Travellers’ Choice award winner for attractions.

The coveted award celebrates businesses that have consistently received great reviews over the last…

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Lights Out! Bodmin Jail Unveils the Ultimate Half-Term Thrill

08 February 2024

Bodmin Jail invites thrill-seekers and the bravest among us to experience the spine-chilling allure of "Lights Out!" – the Southwest's latest scare attraction. Set against the backdrop of the jail's…

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Christmas in a Victorian prison

11 December 2023

Here are some aspects of how Christmas might have been observed in a Victorian prison:

1. A Bleak Environment: Prisons in the Victorian era were often grim and harsh places.…

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Unveiling the Enigmatic Origins of Krampus: A Dive into the Dark Side of Holiday Folklore

04 December 2023

The Ancient Roots

The tale of Krampus finds its roots in pre-Christian Alpine traditions, where the winter solstice was celebrated with various rituals to ward off evil spirits. One such…

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Unwrapping the Magic: The Origins of Santa's Reindeer

27 November 2023

The Oldest Reindeer Herder: Sámi People

The story of Santa's reindeer begins with the indigenous Sámi people, who have herded and domesticated reindeer for centuries. The Sámi, who reside in…

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A Dickensian Delight: Celebrating Christmas Victorian Style

20 November 2023

Deck the Halls

One of the most iconic symbols of a Victorian Christmas is the Christmas tree. Popularised by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, who were depicted with their family…

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100 Years, 100 Stories: Our brand new immersive exhibition

01 February 2023

Selina Wadge was 28 years old on Thursday 15th August 1887 when she left the condemned cell at Bodmin Jail and made the short walk to the hanging spot, the…

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The History & Origins of Krampus

05 December 2022

It was the night before the feast of St Nicholas and children are leaving their shoes outside in hopes that upon waking, they will find sweets and presents. But some…

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The History of Halloween

30 October 2022

Before the church and the candy companies, the plastic skeletons and food shaped like body parts there was the Celtic holiday of Samhain and the celebration of the Dark. So,…

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Walking with Witches

05 September 2022


Witches were burnt at the stake

False: While it is the case that those convicted of witchcraft were burnt at the stake in Scotland and Europe, in England the…

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Experience Culture From The Edge

17 May 2021

Reboot Cornwall

The initiative invites you back to experience Cornish culture and history in a whole new way, through a range of tech-driven experiences, from mind-bending augmented reality to immersive…

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