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Bodmin Jail Attraction is now CLOSED for 6 months to allow for construction to finish on the new experience which re-opens 1st May 2020. Our Tea Room & Governors Hall Restaurant remain open until 1st Dec 2019.

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We are an old Victorian building with 5 steps up to our front door – with a handrail on both sides – no ramp.

We are accustom to assisting guests up these stairs, but find motorised wheelchairs impossible to facilitate.

Once inside, the bar, restaurant, wine bar and wc’s are all on one level – though it would be impossible to get a chair into a cubicle. Further, there are no supporting hand-rails.

The 5 floors of the Jail are all connected via a stone spiral staircase that rises from basement to roof – over 100ft vertical. There are metal handrails – these have an uneven painted surface.

All floors are stone or concrete, and steps are granite.

There are multiple level changes with stairs and steps between.

Lighting is dim in some areas.

There is a risk of slip or trip on stairs, and where there are level changes.

There is a risk where hands come in to contact with any hard surface – especially stone walls or floors.

There is a risk should there be a high moisture content on any floor surface.

There is a risk when moving from one area to another of a group member becoming removed or breaking away. Continual head-counts should be undertaken.

We will endeavour to ensure you have an enjoyable trip to the Jail, but will always state that you should carry out your own FULL RISK ASSESSMENT to satisfy yourself as to the suitability of the venue for the group you are bringing, and have ultimate responsibility for.

Please call us – 01208 76292 – to discuss your individual requirements

Opening Times

Jail Visit  CLOSED
Tea Room & Gift Shop  9.30am – 6pm until 1st Dec
Restaurant open until 1st Dec
Noon – 6pm Mon –  Weds
Noon – 9pm Thurs – Sun
Blue Badge parking only
Attraction is closed until 1st May 2020 more info

The Attraction is now closed but you can still visit our Tea Room, Gift Shop, Courtyard, & Governors Hall Restaurant until 1st December for free.

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