We crave a minute of your time to bring to your attention one of the most useful places for teaching staff and students to visit, and it’s right on your doorstep.

Bodmin Jail has to be one of the best untapped learning resources in the County. Established in 1779, its rich history offers an ability to chart not only the architectural evolution of the buildings, but the entire penal system, changes in Law, Monarchy, wars, transport, and the economy; thus offering one of the richest relevant place-based learning resources available today.

From basic history to in-depth research, design and spatial planning, creative writing, a journey through justice, script writing, and much more we are able to offer teachers a range of contextual learning packages that are relevant and linking into today’s demanding curriculum requirements – including ‘Inspire’.

Our aim is not only to preserve and re-tell the story behind the Jail’s rich heritage, but to inspire the next generation of historians, novelists, designers, engineers and film makers; to give that little spark that may just launch a brilliant career.

Teaching staff should contact our Resource Centre to seek advice on the types of tour and resources with practical application that are currently available.



  • Creative Writing
  • Mini history

Post GCSE – A Level

  • Creative Writing
  • Drama
  • The Victorians – Evolution & Progress
  • Design & Architecture
  • Justice System
  • Crime & Punishment – (Greater Detail)
  • Film Making/Media Studies


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  • Need 1:1 assistance with a project?
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Within the core curriculum

  • ‘Citizenship’ – and the sub-section within dealing with ‘Crime & Punishment’
  • Good, Bad and The Ugly – Inspire Curriculum Yr 4’s
  • Creative Writing
  • The Victorians – Evolution & Progress

University & Post-grad

  • Social History
  • The Victorian’s – Evolution, Progress & the Economy
  • Design/Architecture & Spatial Planning
    Justice System
  • Criminal Psychology
  • Film Making

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