Savory Lite Bites

Jacket Potatos

Jacket Potato with butter £4.50

Now make your choices:
Bacon £1.00
Curry sauce 80p
Egg mayo 80p
Baked beans 80p
BBQ sauce 80p
Ham 95p
Brie 90p
Plain chicken £1.30
Coleslaw £1.00
Cheese 80p
Spaghetti 80p
Tuna mayo £1.30
Prawn in sauce £1.50
Spicy chicken £1.30

All Served with Salad Garnish


Chicken Fillet Burger £7.20
4oz Plain Burger £6.30
4oz Cheese Burger £7.30
4oz Blue Cheese Burger £7.60
4oz Cheese and Bacon Burger £7.80
4oz Cheese and Pineapple Burger £7.80
4oz Vegetable Burger £6.50

Double up for £1.50

All above served with
Homemade chips and salad garnish

Please note the chips are cooked in beef dripping Vegetarian option available on request cooked in vegetable oil

Filled Ciabatta

Slices of Cheddar Cheese £4.40
Egg and Cress Mayonnaise £4.20
Slices of Stilton £4.60
Tuna Mayonnaise £5.90
Jail roasted Honey Glazed Ham £5.70
Jail Roasted Beef £5.80
Prawns with Marie Rose Sauce £6.10
Local Bacon £5.70

All Ciabatta meals served with Tyrrells root vegetable crisps and salad Tarnish


Spicy Chicken £5.50
Hot Roast Beef and Horseradish £5.50
Plain Chicken and Bacon £5.60
Cheese and pickle £4.90
Breaded Chicken Strips and Sweet Chilli Sauce £5.50
Cheese and Red Onion £4.90

All wrap meals served with Tyrells root vegetable crisps & salad garnish

Side Orders

Fresh ciabatta £1.70
Garlic ciabatta £2.90
Cheesy garlic ciabatta £3.40
Homemade Chips £2.50
Homemade Cheesy Chips £3.10
Side Salad £2.60
Creamy peppercorn sauce £2.50
Red wine & mushroom sauce £2.50
Port & Stilton sauce £2.90
BBQ sauce £2.50
Meat or vegetarian gravy £2.50

Soup of the day

Homemade soup, freshly prepared please see specials chalkboard