The Ultimate Paranormal Dining Night


he ‘UPDN’ is an evening event with a set 3 course meal designed for those who don’t wish to spend a full night in the jail but still want to explore the jail after dark with the company of our medium and a select few other guests.

For further details or to book, please call 01208 76292 or download and complete this booking form.


Arrival: Please arrive at the jail for around 7:30 p.m. There will be a 3 Course dinner from 8pm followed by Tea/Coffee & history of Bodmin Jail at around 9pm.

From 10pm-2am you will conduct a Paranormal Investigation with Mark Rablin, our experienced and professional Psychic medium & energy therapist who has many years experience of research into paranormal fields.

Various group workshops will be undertaken in elected areas of both the main civil prison, and also the naval prison, and it is expected that you will enjoy the night and gain a better understanding into the paranormal field.

Facilities: Tea and coffee facilities are available throughout the event and a function room and toilets will be on hand.

Please bring warm clothing as temperatures get very cold in the lower areas of the prison and do not forget a torch and/or a camera for pictures.

Cost: The cost of this event is £49.95 per person. This amount is used to cover food, staffing and administration costs, with residual monies being used to fund our Regeneration Project for both the premises and site of Bodmin Jail.

Contact Form

Please tell us as much about your ghost walk enquiry as possible and we will get back to you as soon as possible alternatively you can download this booking form. (right click and select download) and return it to us by post.

Please Note

Consumption of Alcohol: Whilst we have no objection to a glass of wine, or a beer being consumed with an evening meal, our rules are simple – if you have consumed too much alcohol to drive a car legally, you have consumed too much to attend one of our Ghost Walks/Ultimate Paranormal Dining Nights. You are not permitted to bring alcohol to an event.

We reserve the right to refuse you admission to a Ghost Night/Ultimate Paranormal Dining Night, or ask you to leave at any time during the event. There will be NO refund for any monies paid, and the Resident Medium’s decision is FINAL.

Pregnancy: To ensure the health and wellbeing of all our guests, we ask that anyone booking a Ghost Walk/Ultimate Paranormal Dining Night who is, or thinks they are pregnant, consults their GP and obtains a letter confirming they are well enough to participate in one of our events. Without a letter, we reserve the right to refuse admission without refund of any monies paid. We are happy to reserve you a place whilst you wait for your GP’s letter. The Resident Medium’s decision is FINAL.

General Health: We ask that at the time of booking, you advise us of any existing medical conditions. We need to know about anything from a physical disability, or heart condition, to diabetes. Better tell us too much than too little. We reserve the right to refuse admission without refund of any monies paid. The Resident Medium’s decision is FINAL. Any information given to us will be treated in the strictest confidence.

The Jail would like to thank all those contributors who send in their images for us to look at, especially:

Paul Mccolm
Nicholas Tarling

3 Responses to 'The Ultimate Paranormal Dining Night'

  • We attended the paranormal dining evening on the Friday 13th April. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try something different! Definately be up for it again.

    Becky Allen
  • had a really brill night at bodmin jail last night,quite a bit of activety from the navel wing.and other places,in the jail was active .really recommend people going to experience the atmosphere.

    frances bray
  • Just want to say a huge thanks to Mark for our ultimate paranormal dining night, this was the first time we’d done anything like this.
    We seen it advertised when we visited the jail in the summer and we were curious to see what the jail would be like at night. Although quite a quiet night we weren’t too sure what to expect so anxiety plays a huge part.
    We learned more about the history at this event, and we learned of other things also be it the spiritual way or the scientific way of how things can happen. Mark was a great host with a great sense of humour, the meal was fantastic too!
    Will definately be booking up to do it again, simply, as it was fascinating and different. We also got a few good pictures. The glass moving on the table left us wanting more!!


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