Paranormal Ghost Walks at Bodmin Jail


ow in its Sixth year and in great demand, we are currently taking bookings for our highly popular overnight ghost walks. Not for the faint of heart!

For further details or to book, please call 01208 76292 or download and complete this booking form.


Arrival: Please arrive at the jail for around 10:30 p.m. Format: The night will be hosted by Mark Rablin, our experienced and professional Psychic medium & energy therapist who has many years experience of research into paranormal fields.

Various group workshops will be undertaken in elected areas of both the main civil prison, and also the naval prison, and it is expected that you will enjoy the night and gain a better understanding into the paranormal field.

Facilities: Tea and coffee facilities are available throughout the nght and a function room and toilets will be on hand. A fully licensed restaurant is available for food and drink prior to the start of the evening – if is advisable to book prior to your arrival – and you are welcome to bring snacks and/or refreshments yourselves; no alcoholic drinks are permitted during the course of the event.

Please bring warm clothing as temperatures get very cold in the lower areas of the prison and do not forget a torch and/or a camera for pictures.

Close: The night will finish at approximately 7a.m., with a full English breakfast included in the price. Please advise us if there are any vegetarian requirements.

Cost: The cost of this event is £75.00 per person per night. This amount is used to cover staffing and administration costs, with residual monies being used to fund our Regeneration Project for both the premises and site of Bodmin Jail.

Contact Form

Please tell us as much about your ghost walk enquiry as possible and we will get back to you as soon as possible alternatively you can download this booking form. (right click and select download) and return it to us by post.

Please Note

Consumption of Alcohol: Whilst we have no objection to a glass of wine, or a beer being consumed with an evening meal, our rules are simple – if you have consumed too much alcohol to drive a car legally, you have consumed too much to attend one of our Ghost Walks/Ultimate Paranormal Dining Nights. You are not permitted to bring alcohol to an event.

We reserve the right to refuse you admission to a Ghost Night/Ultimate Paranormal Dining Night, or ask you to leave at any time during the event. There will be NO refund for any monies paid, and the Resident Medium’s decision is FINAL.

Pregnancy: To ensure the health and wellbeing of all our guests, we ask that anyone booking a Ghost Walk/Ultimate Paranormal Dining Night who is, or thinks they are pregnant, consults their GP and obtains a letter confirming they are well enough to participate in one of our events. Without a letter, we reserve the right to refuse admission without refund of any monies paid. We are happy to reserve you a place whilst you wait for your GP’s letter. The Resident Medium’s decision is FINAL.

General Health: We ask that at the time of booking, you advise us of any existing medical conditions. We need to know about anything from a physical disability, or heart condition, to diabetes. Better tell us too much than too little. We reserve the right to refuse admission without refund of any monies paid. The Resident Medium’s decision is FINAL. Any information given to us will be treated in the strictest confidence.

The Jail would like to thank all those contributors who send in their images for us to look at, especially:

Paul Mccolm
Nicholas Tarling

58 Responses to 'Ghost Walk'

  • Hi,
    My husband and myself visited again recently. being able to feel energy I took photos were I felt and have quite a few with many orbs. I will happily email them if you are interested. Good luck with the renovations, I am so pleased the new owners are interested in our heritage.


  • Hi, I recently visited Bodmin Gaol (which I thought was fantastic), while looking through the pictures I took on my phone, I found two which appear to have a figure on, one of a child sat in a chair and one of a man. I know it is supposed to be haunted and wondered if there was any information on any spirits that have been found there, as I wondered if my pictures are real, or if it’s a trick of the light or something. Very spooky! Thanks, Sarah.

  • Hi me and my mum,sister,stepdad went to the jail i was looking in james holderman i think that was his name the one who killed his wife with the iron i said when i was standing there “james your evil” and a mini sec later i herd a deep breth bt my face. and i have two other experiances happen in a girl named sara her jail cell i was feeling depresed when in there and i did what most haunted to when u wistle a tune and they should wistle back and em and my lil sis was in there the first time i did it and there was a fain copy of the wistle i did in the left hand side of the room so i told my mum to come in and before we went in there the second time she would not go in there, so swe went up to the man in fancy dress and my mum had siad to him ” you know that jail cell with the metal door on the second floor” the man smiled and replied yes she said i could not step into that room at all and he said that was a lady called sara that was her cell she is not trying to make u not want to go in there she wants u to go in there to help her she is afraid of men. anyways we where in the cell me my mum and my 6 yr old sister and i wistled for a second time and she relpied but not a short one like i did it sounded like a wimper wistle and i felt really upstet. and the last experance i had was when we was up in the 5th floor and i could hear people wistling again but i was not wistling so i listend carful and they were what sound like to me wistling jingle bells but we went to the man again and said y on the 5th floor can u hear people wistling when u where up on the 5th floor when what u can see is like rubble on the floor there was no roof or rooms and then when i walked down the sairs it followed you. and he smiled gain and said that is one of the spirits that i comunicate with there and he senses that you have a open mind or belive in ghosts and spirits so he is trying to talk with you. so if that helps any one who reads this and has experanced the same thing it is to prove u did hear it or feel it xxx KEEP BELIVING BECAUSE IF THEY SENSE U DONT BELIVE THEY WILL NOT PROVE TO U THEY R REAL SO BELIVE,BELIVE,BELIVE.

  • Hi, I was recently over at the jail with my family and a friend who brought a camera with her. My son who is 7 months old was ok untill we went up to the 4th floor where he started crying uncontrollably and yet he is normally a very happy baby so we took him out and waited in the car for the others to finish. My Mothers friend was next to come to the car, I had been looking around the grounds near the old navel wing with the camera and had taken some pictures and on review found that there were many ‘orbs’ in the images.

    Anyway, the next thing I knew there were people (alive) behind a closed gate and they had asked me how I had gotten in, I replied ‘The same way you are trying too’ but then discovered that the chain had been hooked on so the gate could not be opened. As my brother was close by and likes to play tricks on me I blamed it on him and said to the people oh my brother has locked me in to be funny and they laughed.

    With that I left to go back to the car where we were looked through the all the images I had taken and found that in the pictures where the flash hadn’t fired was a figure but only a pair of legs in bright orange or brown trousers (maybe navel trousers?)

    I wondered if anyone else had got images like this? Any Explanations?

  • Hello Jennie

    I would be very interested in seeing a copy of your photograph if you can email it over. As part of the overnight events we use The Navel Wing because of it’s fantastic energy and we often have paranormal activity when working there. If you could send us a copy it would be fantastic as we could add it to our portfolio.

    Many thanks for your post

    Mark Rablin
    (Resident Medium Bodmin Jail)

    Mark Rablin
  • Hi Mark,

    I recently took the ghost walk and have a couple of good pictures with orbs in, one has at least three in different places. If you would like them I’ll send them over, it was a very good night and we will be doing it again in the near future, thanks for a great evening.


  • Me And My Friends Went To Bodin Jail Beacuse We Had Heard It Was Very Spooky ! At First We Didnt Find It Spooky At All . We Went Into The Cell With Nothing In That Also Had A Door. One Of My Friends Went It And Said To Lock Him In . So We Did And Then We Let Him Out . No One Else Wanted To Go In So He Went In Again And Like Before We Locked Him In . Then He Shouted ” Come On Then Ghost’s Skare Me. ” Then He Seemed To Get Quiter And Quiter . He Seemed To Be Getting Spoked Out So He Told Us To Let Him Out. We Pulled The Door And It Didnt Want To Budge! We Pulled it And Pushed It ! By This Time He Was Starting To Get Worried! He Shouted And Shouted At Us To Let Him Out ! We Couldnt! We Gave It A Pull Once More With All Our Streath. No , It Didnt Move ! We Stepped Back And Then Suddenly The Door Opened By Itself! We All Skreamed And Ran ! It Was The Most Spooky Thing Ever ! When We Got Out Side We Looked At My Friends Arm And It Had Red Dot On It Shapped Into A Perfect Circle ! So Weird ! And 2 Weeks Later ( today ) The Circle Is Still There !

    Georgie Cooper
  • My partner and I visited Bodmin Jail 2 weeks ago, I am writing on here mainly because after getting back home and looking at my photo’s we have discovered more than one image that we are unsure of?

    Can I send my pics to anyone that might be able to look into them further? Some of the photos appear to have orbs on them but I feel these maybe flashes from the camera reflecting on dust particles, on another photo there is a face that looks very spooky! and more on another photo!

    I just wanted to say that we loved the Jail and would recommend it to anybody, we plan to do a ghost walk night next October.

  • the jail ooses fear and terror , the abuse of prisoners is audible

  • Hey guys i am visiting Bodmin soon for a ghost hunt does anyone have any tips what to bring etc? And the most active areas?
    Cheers Laura

    Laura G
  • Hello , a group of 5 of us visited the jail sat 6th feb for the ghost walk . What an amazing night , the energy was oozing all night long . It was most certainly the most eye opening experience ive had so far , the history of the jail was so interesting . The feeling i felt in some parts of the jail was strange , and seeing shodows of light infront of me , and something breathing on my face was terrifying but excieting all at the same time . I also have lots of orbs and mist in many of my photos . Would love to visit the jail again for the ghost walk , when i have recoverd from this time . Thank you very much for a wonderful evening , i will highly recommend my friends to visit .
    Thanks Rachel x

    Rachel Banks
  • ever since i was a little girl i have always wanted to visit bodmin jail. this was enhanced by the most haunted visit . nearing my fourties i am happy to tell you my wish was made true and a stop on our way home from newquay was made to the imposing jail . all i can say was it was well worth the wait . as soon as you take the second door to the left the change in atmoshere is certainly apparent. we constantly felt unseen eyes watching us watching for anything . while looking through to a cell on the 3rd i become overwhelmed by a sadness i couldnt explain . i took a photo and another couple confirmed that he had been touched in the exact spot i was stood in as well . looking through my photos at home we have come across some interesting finds and we are hoping to do an overnight ghostwalk asap.
    bodmin is a very creepy place. the atmosphere is freezing ( we could actually see are breath) but there are noticeable warm spots and a visit is a must.
    if the whole jail thing doesnt appeal the warm friendly bar and restaurant will.

    caroline b
  • Hi there,thought I would share a spooky story that happened while I visited around 5 years ago when I visited with my husband and son(who was 8 at the time) in tow.After looking around the museum part we came across a “real sized” trap door gallows type exhibition (dont know if its still there,it was a while ago) and my son got up onto the gallows and pulled the trap door lever……….next thing we know all of the lights went out and we were in pitch darkness……so far so spooky,everyone that was wandering around started to go back up a slope at the end of the corridor where we could see some natural light.As I was walking towards the light I had the strangest sensation of someone putting their hands over my ears,it was a truely oppresive feeling,and one that I shall never forget.I know the lights going out was purely by chance,but weird all the same.

  • My Name is Lee Parker , I visited Bodmin jail last week with my wife Debbie , while we were there we took numerous photos and thoroughly enjoyed our visit , However when we arrived home and looked through the photos we noticed that a lot of the photos contains Orbs , and some as many as 5 or 6 in the same photo , We also have a photo on the cell next to the Gallows on the 2nd floor I believe it is the over crowded cell ? , when we looked at that photo there is a little boys face in it that is not a wax work and looks like either it is purposely put there embedded into the concrete wall by yourself’s or it is a ghost can you please clarify which one it is.. I am more than willing to send the photo to you if you request it . Finally while we were on the 5th floor looking through the spy holes to the closed cells , I felt something tug on my leg , I did not say anything , but told Debbie to stand there and have a look through the spy holes , it was only in the car later on that I asked her if she felt anything on the 5th floor and she replied yes something tugged on my leg , absolutely amazing . I would be grateful if you could reply and hopefully answer our questions.

    Thank you for an amazing day out , will definitely visit again.

    Lee Parker
  • Hello!

    Just a comment to say thank-you for the chance to investigate the jail. My small team, Ghosts…and More were invited under the Bristol Paranormal Research Group to investigate last friday (28th April 2010) and many of us were astounded at the amount of activity witnessed.

    Although it’s a lot of activity we are after, it does make it difficult writing it all up in the report. Once it is done, we will certainly let you have a copy. We also have a few audio recordings and photographs of interest.

    Mark was brilliant at looking after us all and very knowledgeable. To anybody reading this – individuals or paranormal investigation teams alike – this is one of the best places we have investigated, so we all fully recommend booking a place on the ghost tour or hiring it for your investigation.

    Many thanks

    Jason and the Ghosts…and More team

  • As a member of the public going into the jail for a night with a paranormal group I was somewhat sceptical. Mark however was excellent, his knowledge of the whole place, its history was fantastic. The GPS team who ran the evening were also first class, so much so ive joined & have since become part of their tech team. Bodmin was great, I can’t wait to go back.

  • My Gran, Mum, Brother and I visited the jail in March. We had some weird experiences whilst there! On floor 4 we were Reading the signs outside the cells and my little brother suddenly screamed and started shaking and I asked him what was wrong and he said that he felt someone shove him and I said don’t worry it’s probably just your mind playing tricks on you, when about 2 seconds after I said that my scarf blew of and I heard a whisper in my ear. Which was very cold breath!

    As we were heading to floor 5, my brother and I felt cold hands on our faces which we thought was a cold breeze, but as my mum took a photo of that spot we noticed a orb in the photo! Also I’m not sure which floor it was on but as we were reading about the Charlotte Dymond murder I felt very uncomfortable and uneasy like there was a spirit watching me and at that point my mum took some photos of that cell and some other cells around it!

    After that we decided to leave and we went to have some lunch and look at our photos we had taken! We noticed on several of our photos there were freaky orb in the shape of men and one of just spooky mist! Thanks for Reading! X

  • Just looking through the photo’s of our visit earlier today. To say I have an open mind and was pretty much S@$#ing myself on the upper floors is hard to explain. Our daughter who is seven was apperently pushed (which I saw and felt as she barged into me) no-one was there. There are loads of dark spots and orbs around the stocks on the 2nd? floor. Scarier still, the pictures of the building from outside have clearly visible figures in the window – even the the places where they have no floors? You can even see the weeds, trees and daylight behind these ghostly figures.

    Mr & Mrs Barton
  • Just visited the jail on 9th August with my family, it was raining hard outside, so set the scene.

    OK I am not really a believer in ghosts or paranormal and I did not know anything about the jail previous to our visit. The place was certainly eerie and a couple of things really stuck out.

    My son Zac is 15 months old and has been a little ill and miserable lately but still quite happy. But after visiting the lower level he was staring at one cell, as we went to go in he started shaking his head and wriggling out of our arms to move away from the cell he did not want to go in, we moved away and he was fine.

    He was OK untill we visited another cell, I think it was a cell of some lady who murdered her newborn and here he did the same thing. My partner could not cope with him and took him out, as she thought he was playing up, but maybe he sensed something.

    He also fell asleep unusually early and slept all night which is totally out of character for him, because of this we left early and came away with no pics. I also developed an intense headache when I was there which I put down to stress and being tired.

    All in all maybe nothing in our visit but a spooky place, would like to go back.

    Thanks for a great day out,

    The Passey family

    Passey family
  • Hi, my family and I recently visited Bodmin Jail, it was absolutly fascinating. We took some photos of us in the stocks while we were there and when we put them on our computer I noticed that my son and daughters photos are clear but my photo has what appears to be at least 10 orbs the photos were taken within minutes of each other and with the same camera. We also took our two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and one of them was so scared and cried constantly that we had to take him out it really seemed as if he could sense something. Many thanks for a great day out, we found it so interesting. Nicola Gibbs.

    Nicola Gibbs
  • Brilliant, We came to the jail on a cold and rainy day, the atmosphere was excellent.
    After walking the prison we went over to the place of the executions.
    We spoke to two men who explained how it all worked.
    They were first class full of knowledge. Unfortunately they were both smoking while talking to us which we thought was disgusting,
    Even in the public viewing area people were allowed to smoke, we thought also with young children around was not at all acceptable.
    Apart from this which I am sure can be rectified. It was superb.
    looking forward to our next visit.
    Bodmin Moor.

  • Hi,

    I had visited Bodmin Gaol 9th September (last week) and after touring the entire building myself and my partner were standing outside what is now the gift shop,previously 2 cells. I was looking through the bars of the cells as they were locked and found it strange there was no noise / movement coming from my partner.On turning around her face was blueish/white as she was choking.She could not breath for about a minute and half as her throat seemd blocked at the base of her neck.Her heart was beating like it was about to burst. This happened she said at the top of the spiral stairs to this landing.
    we left immediately and she sat with a drink, very shaken with the whole experience for days after.I explained that this may have been one of two things, either maybe being choked by unseen hands of a former prisoner feeling the effects of a noose as so many hangings took place here.Didn’t help to be honest and didn’t stop the tears,oops!
    We had also taken photos at random cells etc and one on my fone clearly show a shadow figure outside the cell with the corpse laid out on the table (mortuary cell i suppose).

  • Hi I am going to be visiting Bodmin Gaol at the weekend on a night of paranormal investigation from 10pm to 4am! Can anyone give me any tips or ideas on where they felt the most activity is? what to look out for etc?

  • Hi, we visited Bodmin Gaol earlier this week. I’m easily scared, and love going anywhere where there is a chance I might be scared out of my skin, or I might actually see something real.

    While walking around on the level with the stocks I was terrified and really felt like I didn’t want to walk down to the end of the room. My partner walked down and took photos. I was looking around and noticed a family who had brought their dog, he was staring down to the dark end of the room and was obviously terrified. Standing right up against it’s owner with tail down and head lowered.

    As we walked through to the display with the gibbet and the chair, my partner said he’d suddenly felt a feeling of intense stress and oppression when standing next to it. Wen we reviewed our photos of it afterwards there was a large orb right in the centre of the chair.

    When we went outside – where you can walk through into what seems like a courtyard with the floor missing – as soon as I walked through the doorway, I was frozen. It was like the cold had gone straight down to my bones, not that I was getting cold from being in a cold area. When we left the Gaol, we looked at our photos, and lots of them have many orbs in. I would really like it if someone would be able to tell me if the orbs in the photos are real, and I’d be willing to email them. I would highly recommend a visit!

  • Hey there, me and my boyfriend have just come back from our hoilday and one off the places we went was bodmin jail, nearly all our pics have orbs, when we where walking around i felt as if someone touched my arm when i was the only one stood there, i went to bodmin jail when i was younger and my mum said i wouldnt stop crying and on looking back at the pictures there are orbs but in one picture im stood in the navel part with my dad and there is a faith outline of a man. Also when my partner and i arrived back to our holiday park, i took a few more pics and one off me is blured just on one side off my face the rest of the pic is fine so i wiped the lens thinking its got something on it then took a pic of my partner and it looks like there was something sitting on his back, a few days later he started complaining of neck and back ache and i have had a very sore eye, where the blur was. I loved the visit and there was lots off activty and energy even in the day but im looking forward to doing one off the night walks.

  • I visited with my boyfriend during the summer, I didn’t feel anything like some people have mentioned but I was taking some general picture to remind us of our visit and when looking back at this picture you can see the image of a little girl floating in mid air! You can see her shoes and dress very clearly but it gets a little faded around her head and face. would love to do one of the ghost walk visits to see if anything happens.

  • my mum and step mum are soon going to the night walk and please will someone send them the photps with the ords in i want to freeak them right out lol

  • Hiya everyone. :)

    I can not stress enough how much I miss everyone down there, including all of the spirits. :'(
    I am hoping to come down for one of your ghost tours, I will be eighteen then so I will be by myself. xD
    I still remember when I did work experince with you, though I was shy and nervous I loved doing it.

    Hope to see everyone real soon, hope your all doing well and keep up the great work your all amazing :)

  • My father,a good friend,and myself just did the ghost tour on the 5th march,wow what a fantastic evening from start to finish,my friend had a few expierences,my father had a few,but the pair of legs that appeared in the corridor on the 4th floor,that came into the corridor then turned around and walked out was amazing,two girls,me and my father witnessed this,so i am still in shock,looking forward to the evening on the 4th june,me and my wife are doing the tour,well worth every penny,thank you for a brill evening.

  • hi, a couple of years back myself, my mum, dad and little sister visited Bodmin Jail while on holiday. At the time i hadn’t thought about how haunted or how much paranormal activity there was going to be; which come to think of it now i should have realised!
    Anyway, we went down the stairs and were looking around for a while and everything was quite normal, until we started walking down to the end of the room when I heard something move across the floor. I didn’t take much notice of it until later when I was thinking about it and I still think it was someone walking around the cells as i didn’t kick anything on the floor and the rest of my family didn’t seem to hear it.
    The other main experience we had was when my dad, my sister and I went round the corner from my mum, thinking she was behind us we were casually looking at one of the cells when my mum screamed my dad’s name. We ran round the corner and she was quite white, she said she had heard a voice laughing.
    I would love to go back to the Jail sometime soon and hope to have more exciting experiences! x

  • I visited Bodmin on 27th May 2011, I loved it, seriously thinking about booking a night time visit.I think it is on the 2nd floor there is a cell with a door on , I stood in this cell by the window looking back towards the cell door, as i was looking back at my wife i felt what could only be described as someone pushing their fingers in around my shoulders /neck .When i moved out the cell it eased off but felt like maybe there was a bruised feeling.At many points i became cold, bearing in mind i had a jumper on and showed my wife my goosebumps up my arms.Also there was another couple with a border colie dog, they struggled to get him down the stairs, he was whining and kept trying to hide behind their legs, maybe he sensed something.I took random photos, nothing major just a few orbs, a picture in the doored cell on level 2 with a misty like effect around the window and a 2nd photo straight away with nothing.Also down in the Naval jail i walked in and turnt back to the door to take a photo and there is like a bright blue orb? swirly looking thing. Im not sure what that is but it didnt appear in any of the other photos, so if anybody could shed any light on that id be greatfull, Thanks for reading.DEFINATELY WORTH A VISIT

  • I Had a great time at the tywardreath charity event, i had numerous interesting experiences, the heavy labour pains at the far end of the ground floor in the empty cells, the really strong sick feeling and shuffleing sound on the 4th floor and the changing appearences in the guards cell on the womens wing. Lots of orbs! the guide, Mark, was brilliant and full of fascinating information. i only wish i’d asked him more questions about my experiences!
    A great night was had by all, thankyou very much!
    Aimee Ossitt

  • Just did the ghost tour on 4th June,I took my wife this time,wow what a evening,a lot off activity from the beginning,it was a very big group so the energy was very high.all evening members of the group were getting different activity.and the table workshop at the end,well I have never seen that before,yet again to all the staff,true proffesionals.thank you.

  • We visited the Jail last Friday as part of our holiday to Cornwall. I found the whole experience to be both fascinating and slightly un-nerving!! Gary asked my partner Jon to stand on the scaffolding and relax, after a few seconds Jon started to lean to the right – he said he felt a force pushing against him! This was quite amazing. Secondly, my two children aged 8 and 6 seemed extremely relaxed in the jail and had fun going into the cells and playing tricks on each other, even when I bowed out of the rest of the tour to floors 4 and 5, the carried on up with other members of my family and had a great time! I found this quite unusual as my oldest daughter tends not to go off without me, but seemed very happy to do so,even though I did not feel comfortable to go any further!

    We also have some very interesting pictures that were taken with our cameras on our phones. If you would like us to send them to you, to add to your archive, as , we think that they are very interesting as one captured a white presence that could be interpreted as a face of someone over the shoulder of one of our party.

    We loved our time here, the food was fantastic and the staff were very knowledgeable and keen to show us around!

    Many thanks !!

    Nancy McCabe & family

    Nancy McCabe
  • I visited Bodmin jail about 14 years ago with my then partner,we ended up being extremely nosey and venturing round all the buildings even the off limits ones,in one of the buildings (it may have been the naval jail) i was looking up towards the upper level when i heard a young male crying and asking for someone to “help me” my partner didnt hear a thing but it was so loud and haunts me still because he was so upset,there was only the 2 of us in the building at the time!
    It is an amazing location which i hope to visit again soon.

  • my husband and me visited the jail last week, we found it really interesting and well set out, it was also good to be able to find somewhere we could take the dog, who was fine walking around untill we got to the room that we later found out was the punishment cell. She just didnt want to go in. It was very atmospheric, and well worth a visit. The coffee in the restuarant was lovely and very welcome. Thank you and good luck with the restoration.

  • My wife and I and our two sons visited Bodmin Jail yesterday. We are (were) all cynics (particularly my wife, who doesn’t believe in anything unless it jumps out and touches her – she is the world’s greatest cynic). However, we thought this would be a good place to visit since the weather forecast was not good. Cutting a long story short, while we were on the 2nd floor, standing opposite and looking towards a cell with a door, my wife suddenly screamed out in surprise, believing that one of us had slipped our fingers under her long hair and around her neck. She instinctively shouted “don’t’ or I’m going out”, thinking that one of us had touched her, but then she immediately noticed that none of us were near enough to her to have been able to have touched her. At that moment, as I had looked towards her, I realized she was not messing around, and actually she looked petrified. Then, at that same moment I felt the same sensation she had felt – of someone stroking the back of my neck, and then momentarily after, felt suddenly very cold, and heard a voice whisper in my ear what sounded like “she thinks it’s cambron… sheeeee’s fighting it”. I’ve got no idea what that means… but that’s 100% definitely what I heard. We moved quickly out of the cell feeling somewhat shocked and spooked out quite frankly, and all four of of us had goosebumps, and weirder still, both my wife and I had a soreness in our necks; mine felt like very sore sunburn – very localised – especially on the sides of my neck. I went back to the door and took two quick photos – one with flash and one without… hoping that we might capture something of what had just happened. On downloading these to my PC later yesterday evening, we were all shocked to see the same intensely bright blue helically-shaped orb in both – one being against an almost black background (no flash) and one completely lit up (with flash). Then we got the biggest shock of all… at the top right hand corner of both photos we could see a perfect whispery image of our eldest son’s face, with a glowing aura around it and with his mouth abnormally wide open… and inside his mouth was an image of our younger son’s face – also with his mouth wide open! We magnified this part of the image and then printed it out… only to get an even greater shock… because inside my younger son’s mouth there was a message, in place of where his teeth would normally be. It read… “who ya gonna call… ghostbusters!”….. NOW… HOW SPOOKY IS THAT?

  • Whilst on holiday in Cornwall, i visited Bodmin in May with my parents, nieces, my husband and my little girl who then was 6months old… I thoroughly enjoyed my visit! Whilst visiting we were all in the area where the cells are, we had all walked around and had a look in each one, as i was waiting for the others i went and stood in the middle of the room, out of nowhere my little girl started saying ‘hiya hiya hiya hiya’ repeatedly, she was looking up the room as she was saying it, none of us could quite believe what she was doing, she had the biggest grin on her face and continued to say ‘hiya hiya hiya’ i eventually walked out feeling a bit spooked by the whole thing… we then went up to where the board is with face holes cut out of it with the jailers painted on, my nieces, husband, little girl and my dad went behind and i started taking photos of them, once home i uploaded the pictures, not really looking at them until i showed my husband, he then pointed out one of the face holes, no one had stood in that space when i had taken the photo, yet something was coming through it, when i’d first looked at it i thought it was the wall, when i looked at it properly it isnt, there is something actually there, everyone i have showed it too sees something different though! (skulls, faces etc) It would be great to know what was actually there! My mum and dad had also felt sick and had dull headaches throughout our tour there, but once they’d come out of the jail and sat back in the car these feelings had disappeared! We are planning to visit Cornwall again next year and we are hoping to visit the jail once again!

  • I am going on the Ghost Walk with my Mum and Sister in a couple of weeks and I can´t wait. I went on last Halloweens Ghost Walk, it was fantastic, had quite a lot of reaction from the group I was with and a lot of things that happened to me personally. I´m looking forward to see if similar things happen in the same areas or any new experiences occur.

    Every time I visit the there are new things that have been discovered and more restoration work has been carried out, Bodmin Jail is part of my family history and it is brilliant that the place is getting the care and attention it deserves.

  • I went to the jail in August 2011 with my partner and 2 cousins (we’re all in our 20’s) and was very impressed with it especially with how well laid out each scene was. I am hearing impaired and was pleased to read well printed stories on the wall with the mannequins placed so convienentally. We took quite a few pictures, even doubles and there were quite a few orbs in them – wether they were dust, lighting, dampness or genuine paranormal activity we don’t know. However one of my cousin used his camera phone with a large screen on it to take a picture and before he could click the picture, an orb was continously flying around in front of his screen. We were all gobsmacked!

    The chair near the room with the naked lady on the table in the corridor.. I wanted to have a picture of me taken seeing as I was doing all the picture taking of the other 3, so decided sitting in this chair would be a good picture. I asked my cousin to do it, but I couldn’t bring myself to sit in the chair! I usually sit anywhere whenever!! In the end my partner pushed me into the seat and took the photo – I couldn’t wait to get up quickly!! Later when looking at the photos, there is a perfect line of orbs across my chest! No wonder why I felt uneasy!

    I have another photo of me standing in the doorway of the cell with the metal door on it with my back to the corridor. My partner took a photo of me from inside the cell and in the picture there is a head right behind my left shoulder and a glow coming away from it (as if it was running up and down the corridor behind me).

    The two most spookiest things that happened though…
    1. My partner and one of our cousins were posing for a picture in a cell (without a door). Cousin having his arm leaning against the wall and my partner just standing upright. Both looking towards the camera. Our cousin said something about ghosts (he was being crude) and then we hear a shout from our cousin as I took a second photo. Our cousin said that he was pushed and part of the plaster on the wall crumbled down on his arm. When we looked in the corridor where there was light, his arm was grey with plaster debris and there was a pile on the floor. Looking at the photos there was a slightly large orb in between the two lads; in the second photo the lads were both looking towards the wall with the orb floating over towards the wall. We do have a third picture where the lads scream and our cousin holds his arm to him, but the orb is a semi circle through the wall.
    2. On one of the lower floors, we could smell smoke. I turned to my partner and asked if we were allowed to smoke (being a smoker myself) and he said I don’t think so as it’s inside a building. So I didn’t have one. Then everyone else could smell it. Later we went back to the information room and there was an article on the wall from Most Haunted UK saying there is a smoking ghost!! We even have a picture of smoke as if it was being breathed out! However this could just be mind tricks!!

    Can’t wait to go back, although £75 is quite expensive for something that isn’t planned out.. you never know, the spirits might want a day off!!

  • Oh.. and I felt really ill when I went near the double scene of the prisoner who slit his own throat and the landlord who drowned a boy in his cellar. I was physically sick when I went to the toilet later and I couldn’t get the image out of my head and I see worse in my day job!!! Upon talking to another colleague who visited Bodmin Jail about a month after I did, she said she felt the same thing in the same place.

    And does anyone else smell cooking oil in the deepest depths of the jail???? It kinda smelt like a roast thats got too much oil in it and cooked for too long.. I couldn’t stand the smell!!

  • We would just like to say a very big thank you to mark and the team for an amazing night 29/10/2011. we really did have a great time and look forward to our next vist which we are already planing. I think fiona has recovered from letting Gary almost hang her i think i should of paid him more. we have a few photos which i will print off and send to you guys to look at a couple are a bit intresting as you will see. the tips you gave us on how to open our third eye was of great help and would like to find out where we could learn more but its finding the right place so and help you could give would be great many thanks again
    Neil & Fiona
    ( South London)

    neil ferris
  • Thank you for last nights ghost walk, it was amazing. I definately saw and felt things. I highly recommend the ghost walk to anyone interested or skeptical about the paranormal. We will definately be booking to come again some time next year.

    helen boote
  • I’m a regular vistor to the jail and I love going there , every visit brings up more orbs etc , One visit though stands out for me. My younger brother and.his girlfriend (now ex ) always wanted to go but not being able to drive (living in redruth) its was difficult for them to go, so one day my fiance and my self decided to take them and boy was they in for a good time ! First off every picture I had taken was full of orbs, secondly my brother girlfriend kept feeling like she was having her hair pulled . So while we was in the main cell block we all decided to try something out . We all stood around one of the stocks that are placed in the centre of the room and just stood still, we all felt a strange breeze as if someone was walking around us . Then we could hear keys and a sudden dull bang as if a door was being slammed shut . My brother stared to look around with his girlfriend and she started to walk very quickly away from the far side of the room looking very scared. I asked her what’s wrong and my brother and she both said they saw a woman behind the bars ( on a previous visit with a friend she saw the same thing in the same place !!)
    As we were walking out to leave the room I decided to just take a photo of the room. We all sat out side with a drink from the bar and I was looking though the photos I had taken and where the photo of the room was meant to be was something else and if I look at it now it still sends my blood cold . The photo was very dark almost black apart from in the bottom right hand corner was a face as clear as day but with huge red eyes no jokes ! I pasted my camera round to everyone and they all felt uncomfortable just looking at it . My fiance asked if anyone was in the room with me but I was lone when that picture was taken! That photo is still on my Facebook my friends still freak out about it !

    sara warren
  • Charity Challenge Sponsored Paranormal Ghost Hunt charity choosen is DAAT

    Public event · By Marion Baker Was Dance
    Charity Challenge Paranomal Ghost hunt
    Friday, 4 May 2012. Time22:30 until 07:00.
    night in Bodmin Jail starts at 22.30 with a survivors breakfast at 07.00 the following morning. let me know who wants sponsor forms

    Arrival: Please arrive at the jail for around 10:30 p.m. The night will be hosted by Mark Rablin, our experienced and professional Psychic medium & energy therapist who has many years experience of research into paranormal fields.
    Various group workshops will be undertaken in elected areas of both the main civil prison, and also the naval prison, and it is expected that you will enjoy the night and gain a better understanding into the paranormal field.
    Facilities: Tea and coffee facilities are available throughout the night and a function room and toilets will be on hand. A fully licensed restaurant is available for food and drink prior to the start of the evening – it is advisable to book prior – and you are welcome to bring snacks and/or refreshments yourselves; no alcoholic drinks are permitted during the course of the event.
    Please bring warm clothing as temperatures get very cold in the lower areas of the prison and do not forget a torch and/or a camera for pictures.
    Close: The night will finish at approximately 7a.m., with a full English breakfast included in the price. Please advise us if there are any vegetarian requirements.
    £65.00 per person the money raised after we pay for the Jail the rest goes towards my challenge and help Devon Air Ambulance
    please email or ring to book deposits of £20.00 needed on booking

  • This was one of my group’s best ghost hunts ever. The location was superb, Mark was very helpful and the whole event was well managed. Several of my group claim to have been pushed and one even fell down such was the force. We hope to come back soon.

  • On Saturday 4th March 2012, myself & JB came down to Bodmin Jail for the evening ‘Ghost Walk’. Mark came to explain that we were waiting for some other people & then the event could begin. We got chatting to him & another couple who were there for the first time as well. None of us really new what to expect for the evening & I certainly did not go in there thinking that I would see ghosts or any other entities to be honest. However, some things are just inexplicable and I have no answer for the event that unfolded while we were in one of the cells with a table & glass. ……..
    Mark spoke & the glass moved to a young chap on the opposite side of the table to me. It then went to the young woman next to him. The couple who we had been chatting with prior to the event beginning were also in the room with us but, the woman had been taken aside as ‘things’ were happening to her & her hands were twisting & spasming and although she didn’t seem to be in pain or ‘possesed’ she was unable to put her finger on the glass. This woman was then taken out of the room but, before she left, she turned to me & said that I was going to get a message.
    Mark began the session again & as sure as heck the glass came to me. It was my turn to ask some questions but, you only ask them in your head, you do not say them out loud. I asked some questions & they were answered appropriately……… Then the plot thickens, Apparently I’d been stood there for sometime & was not responding to Mark when he spoke to me. JB also said that he thought I was crying & he said my name but, I didn’t respond to him either. I have no recollection of this and my next memory was of someone touching my shoulder & speaking to me in a soft calm voice to tell me it was alright. I was not afraid or stressed & at no time did I want to run out of the room. I spoke to Mark & he said that I appeared to be in a semi-trance. JB confirmed this.
    Other subtle things happened throughout the evening but, nothing that caused fear or put me off attending another event.
    I found the history of Bodmin Jail interesting & Mark, as our host did his best to ensure that we had an enjoyable experience.
    The breakfast in the morning topped it off & I would certainly go again.
    Thank you to Mark & team.

    Maggie & JB – Hants

  • We went to bodmin jail at the weekend with a ghosthunting organisation and so much happened! I saw a dark figure when summoning James then saw him stand infront of me! When using a moving table, he was moving us around with so much force by friend ended up against a wall and we almost ended up in a cell with the table lifting by itself at the end! We also got lined iup into two lines by one of the naval guards! It is an amazing atmosphere and also felt a bit of my hair being touched! Can’t wait to go back again!!

  • Hi, I visited you jail last month (August). I took a picture with a real large orb, it wasn’t until I got home and looked at the picture on my pc I noticed an apparition of a girl with curly hair. Is there anyway I can share this with you? You can see this on my face book page .. it’s really interesting and have been searching your site to see if there have been any other sittings of this apparition?

  • Hi – 3 of us visited Bodmin jail last week – I have a digital SLR camera, and I CANNOT explain the shadows I have captured – I took a series of images in various places, and the shadow is across the image on some, and completely gone on the next. In the area with the models of the boy drowning the other in the bath I have a series of 3 images taken and a shadow moves across! I took flash photographs back at our cottage we were staying in to check it wasn’t a fault with my camera…no problem at all.
    I am more than happy to send these images to you if you wish.

    Karen Whitehouse

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