pigeon-smallWhile the Jail is open all year round as one of Cornwall’s top historic attractions, we also cater to local charity groups, birthday parties, weddings, funeral wakes, photo shoots, bands, and even film crews, providing an ideal event location. Please contact us using the form below to discuss your specific requirements.

Art Installations

Lighting Photography Shots by Claire Rosen
Lighting installation by Alex Randall


Wedding Photos

Wedding Photography by Lily & Frank

SarahAustin_1151-w800-h8001 SarahAustin_1251-w800-h800 SarahAustin_011-w800-h800


Backdrops to Bands & Fashion Shoots

Photographs of Huron shot by Lucy Turnbull for a magazine campaign promoting the band. Shot using the Jail’s Naval wing as a backdrop.

Photographs from a fashion photo shoot in the Jail’s Naval wing for Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing

Huron-1-Blur-w800-h800 Fashion1 Fashion2


Body Art Photographs

Use our inspiring building to bring your creations to life.

BodyPaint04 BodyPaint03 BodyPaint02 BodyPaint01

Body Art Photographs taken in the cells and grounds of the jail by Sean Hurlock, Darren Shilson, Andrea Michele and Illumica Photography.


Music Video Venue

The jail has been used as the location for various music videos including:



Video crews on site filming documentary

ShottingOnSite ShottingOnSite2

Behind the scenes on a film shot at the Jail:


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Bodmin Jail Prisoner for a Day Poster

Bodmin Jail Paranormal Charity Event Poster

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