Bodmin Jail is now CLOSED until Summer 2020 as we complete construction on our exciting new Attraction!


Get a real feeling of what it was like to spend time behind bars in our Exhibition!

Follow our tour throughout six levels of this historical Jail and experience the sights, sounds and smells of this unique attraction.

Visit the cold dank cells, look up at the thin rays of light filtering through a small barred window and imagine being sentenced to even a week in such desolation, a very lonely life with the knowledge each day would bring more of the same cold, hunger and hard labour on the treadmill as a civil prisoner, or “cannon ball” catch for naval prisoners; designed to keep you fit for battle on your release.

A quick history:

The original jail was built for King George III in 1779; the Jail you see today was built by the prisoners, who brought 20,000 tons of granite from Bodmin’s “Cuckoo Quarry” to construct the buildings.

During the First World War the Jail held state papers and the Doomsday book – The Crown Jewels have also been given safe haven here as well.

More historical details and the gory bits…




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