A Guide to Planning an Educational Trip with the Family

A family on a tripSome would say that travelling is the best education. Among a vast array of learning opportunities, travel stands out as a fun, memorable experience that expands our minds and fuels our passion.

The growing appreciation for travelling as an instrument in learning can be seen in how more and more families are integrating educational spots into their holiday trips. According to Michele Perry, a travel expert, more than half of travellers across the globe include educational activities in their vacation plans. If you’re planning a trip of excitement and learning for your family, this is how you can start:

Do Your Research

Most adults tend to have years of learning under their belt that equip them to understand and contextualise new information. Children, on the other hand, have little of that. Sit with your child and involve them in the research for the most intriguing sites in the next country you’ll be visiting. But rather than walking your children through a long lecture about the past, allow them to see and experience history themselves during your trip.

Book Accommodation that Connects You with Locals

Staying in an expensive hotel will add unnecessary costs to your trip expenses. Instead, search for accommodation options that are located near both the locals and historical sites. Most locals are knowledgeable about the area and can help you move around more safely and easily. Immersing yourself in the local culture and conversing with local residents will give you a richer, more authentic experience that is difficult to replicate.

Purchase Your Tickets Online

Many historical sites require entrance tickets, especially well-maintained tourist spots. The line for entrance fees can be quite long if you purchase tickets on the day of your visit, while some tourist sites do not accept walk-in guests. To prevent any hiccups, purchase your tickets online.

Document the Trip

Always bring a camera wherever you go during your trip to historical sites. Photos of your travels are memorabilia that you can keep for years to come. When your children grow older, they will have something to look back on, whether it is an album of printed out photographs or a digital gallery of your experience. Just be sure to follow rules or regulations regarding camera usage at all times.

Start Your Adventure at Bodmin Jail

Bodmin Jail, also called Bodmin Gaol, is historical prison on the edge of Bodmin Moor that is nearly three centuries old. What was once an abandoned 18th-century prison has become one of South West England’s most bone-chilling, spine-tingling attractions. It is the perfect site to visit for a family day out in Cornwall because of its haunting history and in-depth guided heritage tour.

Let your children in on the haunting stories, beautiful architecture and rich history that made Bodmin Jail what it is today. Get in touch with us to book your tickets.