Meet Kirsten

Meet Kirsten

Kirsten, Bodmin Jail’s Paranormal Manager, is an incredibly spiritual person with a deep understanding along the paranormal spectrum. Born and raised in Cornwall, she joined Bodmin Jail five years ago, bringing with her an extensive knowledge of medical, forensic, biological and psychological science that enhances her deep spiritual awareness. She is able to determine and discover information that many may miss or are unable to interpret, which makes her the perfect guide for Bodmin Jail’s paranormal events.

Kirsten helps visitors to Bodmin Jail understand the direct connections we can form and make at many different realms naturally around us, connecting them at earthly levels to high spiritual energies. Working with elementals, spirits, poltergeist entities and higher spiritual realms, she uses her sensory perceptions including clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairolfaction, clairaudience, spiritual analysis and many more to deliver results beyond most people’s expectations. Kirsten can see, hear, feel and communicate at many levels, and she likes to share her theories, ideas and gifts with those choosing to spend time in her company.

“I have a love for the world around me,” Kirsten says. “Witchcraft and an understanding of the paranormal elements that surround us became a natural progression throughout my life, even from a young age. My perception, the ability to acknowledge, understand and work in a natural environment and connect beyond my years became very apparent early on.

I chose to work within the walls of Bodmin Jail. Listening, perceiving, accepting and understanding the many elements locked within the walls allows me to share my extensive knowledge, offering a bespoke enhancement of psychic ability, spiritual awareness and communication skills with a hermetic viewpoint of our spiritual world. I work alongside energies, and they work with me!”

Posted: 1st May 2020 By: Tara Jones